Scar revision -complete guide to scar revision

We have already discussed about various options which are available to get rid of scars. Now let us talk in more detail about the scar revision surgery. Scars are the ugly looks marks on your skin which develop over any injury or wound. You can develop these scars even over the surgical wounds or the site of sutures.

When do you need scar revision?

scar revision


There are many different treatment options available for the treatment of scars. So when do you need scar revision surgery. The most common reasons for undergoing scar revision are:

  • Failure of the other treatment methods to treat your scars
  • When you are very bothered about the scars and you can’t wait for a long time for the other treatments to work.
  • When the scars are very big and involve the joints and limit the movement of your joints.
  • When the scars tend to come back or reoccur many times even after taking many other treatments.

Types of scar revision:

Scars produce a lot of discomfort in us. We won’t feel very good about ourselves due to the scars. So we need to opt for some way which will help us to get rid of these scars. There are many treatment options available for us for scar revision like:

Scar revision surgery:

skin graft


Scar revision surgery may be done as an outpatient or in patient procedure. This surgery may require the usage of general anesthesia or local anesthesia. This depends on the size of the scar, location of the scar, type of scar and many other factors.

In scar revision surgery, the doctor will remove the scar tissue surgically. Then he will close the surgical wound in a very careful manner. He may use some layered closure techniques to close the surgical wound.

Sometimes the surgeon may take the help of some other techniques like:

  • Tissue expansion techniques:

This technique uses a balloon under the scar tissue. Then the balloon is filled with fluid, so that it expands. This expansion of the balloon stretches the normal healthy skin cells in the surroundings and helps them to grow. These skin cells will replace the scar tissue.

  • Z-plasty:

Z-plasty is a type of surgical procedure which is used for the scar revision of the burns scars.

  • Skin grafts:

Skin grafting is the method in which skin from one part of the body is removed and placed over another part of the body. Skin grafting is mainly done for the revision of very large scars or to cover up very large wounds.

Risks of scar revision surgery:

scar revision surgery


There are many risks associated with the scar revision surgery like:

  • Bleeding:

The site of the scar revision surgery may not heal well and there may be damage to the arteries in the area of the surgery which will lead to bleeding. This blood may even accumulate in a cavity and lead to the formation of hematoma.

  • Delayed wound healing:

The wound might not heal properly on time. It might take a longer time than usual for the wound to heal.

  • Infection:

The wound or the site of surgery might get infected with bacteria and lead to formation of pus. You need to take very good care of the surgical wound after the surgery. You need to keep dressing the wound in sterile conditions for some days to prevent wound infections.

  • Pain:

You might suffer from very severe pain due to the surgery. So you can ask your doctor to prescribe some analgesics or pain killers to help you get rid of the pain.

  • You might also suffer from the side effects of the anesthesia which is given during the surgery. If you are given general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia for the procedure, then you will need to be under observation of doctors for some days until you recover completely from the side effects of the surgery and anesthesia.

Some other scar revision techniques:




Some other types of methods which are available for the scar revision apart from the scar revision surgery are:

  • Laser therapy
  • Dermabrasion
  • Radiotherapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Natural remedies or natural treatments

So by now you could have understood well regarding the various kinds of scar revision techniques available. You can consult your doctor and choose the one which is best suited for you.

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