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Back scars – Top 5 ways of back scars treatment

Posted on 23 May 2017 by

The number of people who are suffering from back scars has been increasing nowadays. Back scars are really troublesome if you have to expose your back. They might cause trouble if you are a sports person and have to expose your back while playing some outdoor sports. They also might trouble you if you are into field of modeling or you are an actress and need to expose your back. They also might cause concern to you if your loved ones get put off looking at your back scars.

back scars

Scars on back causes:

scars on back

There are many different reasons for the formation of back scars like:

  • Undergoing any surgery over your back for the treatment of some spinal cord problem or some kidney problem.
  • Acne scars are very common on the back. So you can say that back scars are most commonly caused due to acne.
  • You can develop back scars more if you belong to some particular race like being a person of African descent.
  • You can also develop back scars if you have more amounts of androgen hormones in your body which lead to development of acne on the back which will end up as back scar.
  • You can develop back scars if your parents have the tendency to develop them and you inherit those genes.

Back scars treatment:

There are many different treatment options available to treat back scars like:

1.Corticosteroid injections:

corticosteroid injections

These injections are given directly into the scar area. They will help you to get rid of back scars very effectively. But you will need to wait for some months patiently until they start showing you results.

2.Laser therapy:

laser therapy

laser therapy

Laser therapy is very effective for the treatment of the back scars. You can definitely opt for this method if the high cost of this method does not bother you much. But make sure to choose a good and reputed laser therapy clinic.

3.Silicone gel:

silicone gel

You can apply silicone gel over the back scar regularly. It will surely show you some positive results in treating the back scars.

4.Scar creams:

scar creams

You can try some scar creams which are available in the market. But you need to do proper research about the best scar treatment cream before you buy one.

5.Natural remedies:

natural remedies

You can try some natural remedies for the treatment of back scars like application of olive oil, vitamin E solution, Aloe vera gel, onion extract, etc.

Things you need to do to prevent back scars:

prevent back scars

  • Back scars are generally caused due to acne scars. So get your acne treated well by a dermatologist. Also be cautious and avoid picking or popping your pimples to prevent back scars.
  • Drink more water to get rid of waste substances in your body. So that your skin will be good and can try to heal the scars well.
  • Eat good food and avoid fried and oily food. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. They will provide sufficient vitamins and minerals to your body and also your skin. So that your skin will function well.
  • Wear cotton clothes in summer, so that all your sweat will be absorbed properly. This prevents irritation of your skin and also prevents acne formation.
  • Always maintain good hygiene. Bathe daily and wash yourself after you do some heavy physical work which leads to sweating.

So by now you must have got a good idea about the back scars, their causes and their treatment, right.

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c section belts

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C section scars -A to Z guide about C section scars

Posted on 08 May 2017 by

C section scars are the scars which are produced due to the surgical incision or cut which is made during a cesarean section to deliver a baby. C section scars are not very troublesome like many other scars. This is because these scars are over our lower abdomen and can be covered up easily with our clothes. They need not be exposed outside. So we can be free of the embarrassment which is caused when people keep staring at your scars.

Anyways the joy of becoming a mother and delivering your baby safely means more than anything in the world to you. This joy compensates for the entire emotional trauma that is caused to you due to the scars. Previously the c section scars used to be very big due to the incisions made. But nowadays, the c section scars appear very small due to the modern technology which is being used in c sections.

Why is C section done?

c section scars


C section is done when there are problems to deliver your baby through the vagina. The problems which lead to cesarean section are:

  • Your baby being very large that it cannot be delivered vaginally.
  • Your vaginal opening being very small and cannot give space for the baby to pass.
  • The baby is not in the normal position and it is in some form of breech position.
  • When you have some medical emergencies like abruption placenta where the placenta breaks away from the uterine wall.
  • When you have a condition called placenta previa where your placenta obstructs your vaginal opening and you cannot deliver the baby vaginally.
  • There are many more reasons for doing a c section.

Types of C sections:

There are mainly 2 types of C sections or cesarean sections. They are:

1.Classical C section:

classical c section scar


It is the type of C section which was used more previously. But now this type of C section is done very rarely. In this type of surgery the incision or cut is longitudinal or length wise over the lower abdomen. But it has more complications.

2.Lower segment C section:

lower segment c section


In this type of surgery the cut or incision made is horizontal over the lower abdomen. This method of surgery has fewer complications and is preferred more than classical C section.

Get rid of C section scars which look ugly:

You need not worry so much about the C section scars. There are many possible ways to get rid of these C section scars. The most commonly used ones are:

1.Silicone sheets for scars:

silicone sheets for scars


Silicone sheets are very effective in the treatment of C section scars. They are available as over the counter medications, which makes them very easily available. They are also reusable, so they can be used for many times repeatedly. So they are not very expensive. The benefits that they have on the scar treatment also make them worth a try. They show effects on scar like:

  • Reducing the symptoms like itching and pain of the scar.
  • They also help in reducing the swelling over the scar.
  • They help in prevention of any complications of the scar like development of keloid scars and hypertrophic scars.
  • They reduce the thickness and also the pigmentation over the scar.

2.Laser therapy:

laser therapy



Laser therapy is also one of the most commonly used therapies for C section scar removal. But it is very important for you to choose the right clinic to prevent the risks associated with laser therapy. The most common risks that are associated with laser therapy are:

  • Formation of blisters
  • Risk of infection
  • Risk of hyperpigmentation

3.Scar removal creams:

scar removal creams


There are many scar removal creams which are available in the market. They are very easily available and easy to use. But you need to choose the right scar removal cream to get the maximum benefit. The most commonly used scar removal creams are Mederma scar cream, Bio oil, Revitol scar cream and Scar esthetique.

4.Compression dressings or C section belts:

c section belts


These dressings put pressure on the abdomen and prevent the excess formation of collagen which leads to the formation of the scars.

Tips for you:

  • You need to maintain your surgical wound site very clean and sterile to prevent infection of the wound.
  • Keep washing the wound with anti-bacterial soaps and pat them dry. Them apply some antibacterial cream over them and dress them up with sterile dressing pads to prevent infection of the site.
  • Let the wound heal completely before you try any C section scar removal methods.
  • Eat well, sleep well and take good rest to let the body work normally.
  • Have a positive attitude that you can get rid of your C section scars


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piercing scars

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Piercing scars – Top 5 ways to get rid of piercing scars

Posted on 21 May 2012 by

Piercing scars are produced at the sites of your body where you have body piercings. Body piercing is very popular among the people which can lead to piercing scars. They generally pierce their body parts to wear some good fashion jewelry. Wearing this jewelry makes you look beautiful.  You can look different by have body piercings and wearing jewelry over them.

People pierce many different parts of their body. The most commonly pierced sites are the ears, nose, belly button, eyebrows. Some people even pierce their cheeks and nipples. Even though body piercing looks good, there are some risks associated with it. Scar formation is one of the most common risks associated with it.

piercing scars

Get rid of piercing scars:

1.Apply Aloe vera gel:

apply aloe vera gel

Application of freshly made Aloe vera gel is very effective in the treatment of the scars. In case you can’t find freshly made Aloe vera gel, you can use some gels which are sold by some popular brands in the market.

2.Onion extract or gel:

onion extract

Onion extract or gel is also very effective in the treatment of piercing scars. You can find onion gel in the market by many different brands like Mederma.

3.Steroid injections:

steroid injections


The most common scars that can result from piercing are keloid scars. Keloid scars can be very effectively treated using steroid injections. In this method, steroids like triamcinolone are injections intra lesionally that is into the keloid scar. These injections are given monthly once. They will definitely help you to get rid of piercing scars after few months of usage.

4.Silicone sheets:

silicone sheets

Silicone sheets are available as over the counter medications in drug stores. You need to apply them over the piercing scar according to the instructions given. They need to be used regularly for some days and they have good effect over the scar removal.

5.Laser therapy:

laser therapy

Piercing scars can also be treated with laser therapy. But be aware of the risks associated with it before you opt for this method of piercing scars removal.

Tips for you to deal with piercing scars:

piercing scars

  • If you think that the site of piercing is swollen, red or itchy, then remove any jewelry that you are wearing. Apply some antibiotic cream over the piercing area and leave it for few days without wearing any jewelry.
  • If you think that your piercing site is still problematic, visit your doctor immediately to get the proper treatment. If you get the proper treatment in the early stage, you can avoid big scars later on.
  • Do not let the piercing site get infected at any cost. Keep it very clean and neat to prevent any infections.
  • Do not go under direct sunlight as it might aggravate the formation of scar over your piercing site.


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