How to get rid of scars from cutting -Top 5 ways

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Let us talk about how to get rid of scars from cutting. There are many people out there who are addicted to cutting. This leads to the formation of very bad scars. Even if you realize that you have done the wrong thing later, you can’t undo the scars. So you need to find out some good options to get rid of these scars.

How to get rid of scars from cutting:

how to get rid of scars from cutting


Let us talk about the ways how to get rid of scars from cutting. These are the most common ways used by many people to get rid of these scars.

1.Coco butter:

coco butter


Apply coco butter to the affected area after you take bath or have your shower. Do this daily and it will surely fade away the scars after some days. But you need to have patience for this. This remedy will work slowly.

2.Over the counter scar creams:

Many over the counter scar removal creams like Mederma will help to remove the scars effectively. You need to apply the cream according to the instructions given on it. But avoid applying the cream over the areas where the wound has not healed properly as it can result in more irritation of the skin. This can worsen your problem of scarring. Use the cream carefully.

3.Use bio oil:

Apply bio oil over the scar regularly. But it won’t show results immediately. It will take some time for the results to appear. But any remedy is not 100% effective to get rid of these scars.

4.Band aids:

band aids


There are many band aids available in the market that contains antibiotic powder in it like Neosporin. They can help your wound to heal properly without much scarring. So apply band aid immediately when you have a wound.

5.Vitamin therapy:

Apply vitamin E solution over the scar regularly. This will help you to get rid of scars from cutting very easily. Now that we know how to get rid of scars from cutting, let us talk about getting self injury support.

Self injury support:

self injury support


We have talked about how to get rid of scars from cutting. Now let us talk about the self injury support. First of all stop cutting yourself. Prevent the formation of these scars. It’s better to prevent their formation than to treat them. If you are unable to control cutting yourself, then are many things which can help you.

  • Talk to your family members about your problem. They can act as moral support and stand by your side while you try to overcome your problem of cutting.
  • Take advice from your close pals.
  • Consult a psychiatrist or a counselor who can help you to get rid of your addiction of cutting.
  • Think of the emotional and physical consequences that you might face due to cutting and try to avoid doing it.
  • Keep yourself engaged in some work always. Idle mind is a devils workshop. So never give place for bad thoughts in your mind.
  • Finally the most important thing is to be strong. Have a positive attitude that you can overcome your problem. With your positivity and mental strength, you can surely overcome this addiction of cutting and prevent those scars from cutting.

So by now you could have got a good idea about how to get rid of scars from cutting, right.

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