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Get rid of pimple scars – fast,easy and effective

Posted on 27 May 2017 by

Get rid of pimple scars with our easy to follow steps. Then read my guide on getting rid of pimple scars. Pimple scars are also known as acne scars. Pimple scars formation is really a very bad problem to suffer from. Pimple scars make us worried about the way we look. We become self-conscious and won’t be able to concentrate on our work properly.

Why is a pimple scar formed?

acne bacteria

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Our skin has many sebaceous glands in it. They produce a substance called sebum which is necessary to moisturize our skin and keep it soft. These sebaceous glands are connected to the hair follicles to form pilosebaceous unit. When excess of sebum is produced, bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes break down the sebum or the oily substance. Then there will an accumulation of dead skin cells or debris in the hair follicle.

The size of the hair follicle will increase and it will break eventually. So the debris and sebum enter the deeper layers of the skin called dermis. Our body will try to cover up the wound formed by the breaking of the pimple or acne. There will production of collagen to cover the wound. This collagen will lead to the formation of the pimple scars.

Types of pimple scars:

get rid of pimple scars

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1.Keloid scars:

Keloid scars are the scars which extend beyond the site of the injury or wound. They protrude outside the body part where the scar is formed. These kinds of scars are more commonly seen in people of African descent.

2.Hypertrophic scars:

These scars are very thick, red and swollen. They are also produced due to the increased production of the collagen than required.

3.Ice pick scars:

icepick scars

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These scars are very deep and form pits in our skin

4.Rolling scars:

These scars are also called as wavy scars or wave like scars as they look like waves on the skin.

5.Boxcar scars:

These scars have edges or angles just like a box. So they are called with that name.

Get rid of pimple scars:

There are many treatments available for the treatment of the pimple scars. Let us talk about some of them.

1.Lemon juice remedy:

Lemon juice remedy

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Lemon juice is very good for curing pimple scars. Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties. Apply lemon juice over the pimple scars and leave it for some time. Then wash your face with warm water. Repeat this process daily for about a month. You will begin to see the results after some days of using this method.

2.Olive oil massage:

olive oil massage

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Apply olive oil over the pimple scars and massage gently for few minutes. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your face with Luke warm water. This will definitely help you to get rid of the pimple scars soon.

3.Laser therapy:

laser therapy

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Nowadays laser therapy has become very popular in the treatment of acne. Two types of lasers are being used for treating pimple scars like carbon dioxide laser and Nd-Yag laser. Laser therapy can yield very good results. But it is very expensive due to which many people avoid opting this method.

4.Chemical peels:

chemical peels

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In this method certain chemicals are used to peel off or remove the superficial or uppermost layers of your skin. Then the skin cells below this layer will divide and replace the lost scar cells with new healthy and good looking cells. So by using this treatment you can get rid of those ugly looking scars. The most commonly used chemicals are phenols and some acidic substances like alpha hydroxyl acid.

5.Apply vitamin E:

apply vitamin e

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Apply vitamin E oil to the pimple scars regularly. This vitamin will supply nutrition to your skin and will help it to get rid of those pimple scars easily.

6.Intense pulse light therapy:

It is given the short form IPL. This is one of the newer methods for the treatment of the pimple scars.

Things you should do:

popping pimples

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  1. Avoid popping your pimples in order to prevent them from forming in the first place.
  2. Drink many glasses of water every day. Water will cleanse your body and remove waste products from your body. This will help your skin to be clean and soft.
  3. Eat many fruits and vegetables daily. Make them a part of your diet daily. These fruits have anti-oxidants which will help your skin to function effectively and get rid of pimple scars well.
  4. Wash your face at least 2 times a day with face wash. This will prevent accumulation of waste products in your skin which will irritate the skin. But be careful not to wash your skin many times a day.
  5. Apply some natural face masks like the Aloe vera gel or cucumber juice to your face over the pimple scars. These natural remedies will help you to get rid of pimple scars.


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How to get rid of scars on face -5 secrets to say goodbye to scars

Posted on 21 March 2012 by

Do you want to know how to get rid of scars on face. We may develop scars anywhere on our body. If we have scars in the areas which are not exposed, we are generally not much bothered about it. But if we develop even a small scar over our face, we tend to get really worried about it.

Some people even stare at us if we have scars on face. This is one thing that any one of us does not want to face. We definitely want to avoid facing any sort of embarrassing situations. So let us learn about the best methods which can help us to get rid of scars on face.

How to get rid of scars on face:

1. Have a healthy lifestyle:


fruits for skin

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Do you know that our skin is just the reflection of our health? If you are not healthy either physically or if you are sad and depressed, it will definitely have some bad effect on your skin. So make sure that you are healthy to have a healthy skin.

Eat good food which is nutritious. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. You can make some salads which you like and include them as part of your daily diet. This will provide the necessary vitamins to help your skin function normally.

Avoid eating junk foods. I know that you feel really bad listening to this. But junk foods, chocolates, pies, pizzas and all such stuff do no good to our skin. So avoid eating them and replace them with fruits, fruit juices and vegetables. You will get a good skin by following these simple things in your life. If your skin is good, then it will heal fast. so your skin can recover fast from injuries and lead to less scar formation. This is the first thing that you need to do in order to know how to get rid of scars on face.

2. Exercise, exercise and more exercise:


Image credit:seriouslykids.com

Exercise is very essential for our skin. We need to exercise daily to maintain our skin in good condition. Exercise helps to increase the circulation of the blood to our skin. Exercise also makes us sweat a lot right. Sweating also removes toxins from our body. So by doing exercise you can effectively recover from injuries over your face and this will lead to less scar formation.

3.Drink more water:

drink more water

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Water will help to remove toxins from your body. Water will maintain your health in good condition and it will also moisturize your skin. You might have noticed that your skin feels very dry and rough if you drink less water. The skin of the people who drink more water is very soft and gentle. The injuries over your face can heal fast and leave less scarring if you drink more water and maintain your skin properly.

4. Besan face pack:

besan face pack

Besan face pack


Besan or Gram flour is also a very common thing which is readily available at our homes. Besan is the name by which gram flour is called in some Asian countries like India. So just make a paste of the gram flour with some milk. Then apply the paste of gram flour over your face. Leave it for some time and wash your face with warm water. Do this regularly. Then you will definitely notice that your scars have started fading. Besan face pack is one of the good solutions to your question how to get rid of scars on face.

5. Olive oil massage:

olive oil massage

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Massage is a very good way of increasing the circulation of blood to our skin. Our skin needs proper blood flow to heal properly and look good. So massage your face where the scar has developed with olive oil. This will remove the superficial layers of the scars and will help in the replacement of the scar tissue over your face with new skin cells. This is one of the best solutions which answers your question how to get rid of scars on face. You can also use coconut oil which is available in Asian stores to massage the scar over your face. This will help to reduce the scarring very well. By now you must have got a good idea about how to get rid of scars on face,right.

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