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How to get rid of keloids -6 secrets to get rid of keloids

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Let us talk about how to get rid of keloids. Keloid scars are the scars which are produced due to the overgrowth the cells in the injury site. Excess production of granulation tissue leads to the formation of keloid scars. Now you may ask me what granulation tissue is. It is a tissue which is red in color. This granulation tissue has many collagen fibers and many other things which are necessary for the wound or injury to heal.

What causes keloids?

what causes keloids

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Before knowing how to get rid of keloids, we need to know what causes keloids at first. The most common causes of keloid scars are:

  • Surgical wound
  • Skin piercing
  • Acne scars
  • Chickenpox scars
  • Repeated injury of the same site
  • Keloid scars also tend to run in families and they are more common in the people of African descent.

How to get rid of keloids:


how to get rid of keloids

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Let us talk about how to get rid of keloids by using the most effective ways possible. We can definitely get benefited by following these methods.

1.Laser therapy:

laser therapy

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This therapy uses the laser radiation to decrease the size of the keloid scar. This therapy is very expensive and time taking.

2.Tea tree oil remedy:

tea tree oil remedy

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Tea tree oil is very effective for keloid scar treatment. Apply tea tree oil over the keloid scar regularly to get rid of the scar.



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In this method, the skin over the keloid scar is frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. Then the scar will be removed and it will be replaced with new skin cells that are formed due to division of the surrounding cells.

4.Steroid injections:

steroid injections

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In this method some steroids like cortisone or triamcinolone are injected into the keloid scar. This helps to reduce the size of the keloid scar. These injections do not have many side effects like the systemic steroids as they are being given locally.

5.Compression dressings:

compression dressings

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In this method, any kind of compression or pressure is applied over the keloid. The size of the keloid scar gets reduced due to the pressure applied. The most commonly sued compression materials are silicone sheets.

6.Surgical removal:

surgical removal

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Sometimes you may not get relieved from any treatment. Then the doctor might surgically remove the keloid scar.

So by now you must have got a good idea about how to get rid of keloids, right.

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