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How to hide scars – Top 5 tricks to hide scars

Posted on 01 January 2017 by

Let us talk about how to hide scars. There are many scars which appear very prominent and different from the surrounding skin. So people can easily identify that you have a scar. If people keep watching your scars, you will get really very embarrassed about it. You may even get depressed about it sometimes.

Sometimes we even avoid going out for the fear of being stared by people due to the scars. But we can definitely get away from this problem with some simple solutions that you can easily follow.

How to hide scars:

how to hide scars


1.Covering up scars with your clothes:

covering up scars


This is probably the simplest way to hide your scars. You can always cover your scar with clothes. For example if your scar is present over the back or lower abdomen, then automatically they get covered with clothes.

If the scar is over the neck, try wearing some cool scarfs. They even enhance your look and no one will ever doubt that you have a scar over there. If you have a scar over your wrist, try to wear some bracelets or bangles or even some big watches which cover up the scars. You can even try wearing some beaded jewelry or some ethnic jewelry which is big enough to cover up the scars.

2.Scar creams to hide the scars:

scar creams


There are many scar creams in the market which can easily cover up your scar. Try to do proper research about them and get the best possible cream to cover up the scar. Get the scar cream which best matches your skin tone.

3.Make up to cover scars:

makeup to cover scars


Use some concealer over the scar at first. Then apply foundation over the concealer.  This will cover up the scar very well.  You can even take the help of some make up professionals to cover up or hide your scar when in urgent need.

4.Setting powder:

setting powder for scars


Use a setting powder over the make up at last in order to give a more natural look to your skin over the scar. Use some good brand like dermablend to conceal or hide your scars.

5.Tattoos to hide scars:

tattoos to hide scars


You can get some tattoos done over the scar area. You can get either permanent tattoos or even tattoos that are temporary. You can even put some mehndi over the scar if it is over your wrist or hand. Mehndi is a substance that is used for creating colorful designs over your hands. This is mainly used by the Asians like Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi’s.

Some tips for you:

  • You can always try to hide your scars. But the best option will be to try and get rid of them permanently. This can be done by using many different methods like chemical peels, laser therapy, and also many natural remedies to get rid of the scars.
  • Try to apply natural substances and gels like onion gel, Aloe vera gel over your wound or scar to get rid of them fast.
  • Prevent formation of big scars when you have a wound by keeping it clean and tidy and preventing any infection of the wound.
  • Always consult your dermatologist to get proper advice regarding the best possible treatments for your scar.

By now you must have understood well about how to hide scars, right.


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